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Why consider revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Weber in Denver?

It can be troubling when you don’t get the results you expect from your rhinoplasty. Dr. Weber is very compassionate towards those that are coming in with disappointment and doubt, and he does his best to create the results you desired the first time around. Revision rhinoplasty is a highly complex and delicate procedure due to the scar tissue that has formed in the nose, but Dr. Weber navigates all obstacles with experience and patience. He is truly among the best revision rhinoplasty surgeons Denver can lay claim to.

Revision rhinoplasty at a glance

Surgery time: 60 – 120 minutes

Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Setting: Accredited ambulatory surgery center

Recovery: 5 - 7 days

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What are some common benefits of revision rhinoplasty?

  • Can help improve breathing issues
  • Restores a more attractive appearance to the bridge, tip and nostrils
  • Can help create symmetry, balance and harmony in the features
  • Draws the gaze to the smile and the eyes rather than the nose
  • Creates a more youthful aesthetic
  • Long-lasting outcome
  • Natural-looking results
  • Well-hidden incisions

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Dr. Weber knows noses! I found Dr. Weber after looking through the reviews at RealSelf, and after meeting him and his staff I knew that I did not need to look any further. From the time I walked into his office I knew that I had made the right choice. Every member of his staff took a personal interest in me. I love that fact that Dr. Weber does just faces and I must say that he is an artist in his profession. Dr. Weber took the time to find out what I was wanting to achieve. I was able to provide pictures and discuss what I liked and what I did not like, which is just as important. Dr. Weber's demeanor is very gentle and I knew throughout the process that I was in great hands! I come away from this not only with a great doctor but with some great new friends. I cannot believe how easy this was, my only regret is that I should have done this years ago! I would highly recommend Dr. Weber and his staff!

Review - Revision Rhinoplasty

Who makes a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty surgery?

If you have undergone a rhinoplasty but are unhappy with the results and feel that your facial features are out of balance, your nose is still too big, you are unhappy with your profile, you have issues breathing, or you feel the procedure did not in some way correct an issue, a rhinoplasty revision might be right for you.

Timing is critical in rhinoplasty revision surgeries, as it can take up to a year for healing to occur after the initial surgery. If your previous surgery was less than a year ago, you may be advised to postpone rhinoplasty revision. This is because swelling can still be present months after the initial procedure. The scar tissue formed from the previous rhinoplasty will also need time to soften before another procedure can be performed.

Patients who have ongoing infections, are not otherwise healthy, or have unrealistic expectations may not be good candidates for a rhinoplasty revision procedure. Dr. Weber will carefully evaluate your nose and help you understand what expectations are realistic and obtainable. He will also review your case and determine if you are healthy enough for another surgery.

What is the key to correcting deformities with revision rhinoplasty?

Sometimes, a patient’s initial rhinoplasty procedure may have resulted in a deformity such as a twisted or turned up nose, a protruding nose, pinched tip, a crease in the nose, a scooped out profile, or a hanging columella (also known as a plunging columella), which reveals too much of the tissue that separates the right and left nasal passages.

Any one of these issues can make the nose less aesthetically pleasing. No matter what the issue, all rhinoplasty revision procedures are carefully planned and customized to focus on the specific issues of each patient.

In other cases, the first surgery was actually a complete success. Later, the patient experienced some form of accident or injury, such as a broken nose, which was unrelated to the procedure. In rare cases, a patient may have experienced a rejection of an implant, which may have had to be removed.

It should be noted that revision rhinoplasty procedures are notoriously complex. Rhinoplasty revisions require an immense amount of expertise, because once a nose has been operated on, it is more susceptible to complications and healing may be less predictable. The surgeon must also deal with scar tissue within the nose, as well as addressing any damage to the form and function of the nose, all within a confined space.

How can revision rhinoplasty treatment help to achieve your goals?

The main goal of a revision rhinoplasty is to achieve the original results you were seeking in the initial procedure. Sometimes the surgeon may not be able to achieve that same look. If that is the case, they will have to focus instead on improving the overall form, function, and appearance of your nose by refining the results from the prior surgery. To achieve your best possible outcome, your nose and medical history need to be carefully evaluated to determine the best course of action for your specific needs.

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What can I expect following revision rhinoplasty?

Bear in mind that the healing process for a revision procedure is less predictable following a previous nasal surgery, which can mean that your recovery may be more difficult than the original surgery. You may experience more swelling and/or bruising than the first time. Dr. Weber will explain what you should expect, and provide directions concerning your recovery time, including when you can resume normal activities.

He will also provide guidance about sleeping, wearing glasses, bathing, bandaging and what signs and symptoms to be on the lookout for. Revision rhinoplasty often results in a feeling of stuffiness, and it may take several weeks for some of the swelling to go down.

What fees are associated with revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty surgery can run anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. Dr. Weber will offer a customized, detailed quote after examining your nose during a private consultation at his offices in Lone Tree. We will also help you to apply for financing from trusted healthcare lenders.

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Why is Dr. Weber the right choice for my revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is among the most complex facial plastic surgery procedures and requires the touch of a true artist. Dr. Weber has spent his career exclusively focused on facial rejuvenation techniques, and can deliver nuanced, natural-looking revision results that will exceed your expectations.

Dr. Weber studied at Boston University’s School of Medicine before going on to complete a 5-year residency in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at Oregon Health and Science University. He then followed up with an elite fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery at the University of Michigan.

Revision Rhinoplasty FAQs

Where are revision rhinoplasty procedures performed?

The rhinoplasty revision procedure may be performed in an office surgical suite, or in an outpatient surgical center. Anesthesia may be local with oral sedation, or general anesthesia may be required. In general, minor refinements can be performed in an office procedure suite with oral sedation medication while more complete revisions are performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgery center.

Why does revision rhinoplasty recovery take so long?

The revision procedure generally requires more healing time than the initial surgery because it is often more complex to overcome issues caused by the prior procedure. In addition, the nose already contains existing scar tissue, which can make healing proceed more slowly.

Can revision rhinoplasty correct nasal deformities?

Dr. Weber will address any structural deformity, clear away previous scar tissue and reshape the nose as close as possible to what you had originally planned, while avoiding any potential complications.

Can the doctor use the original incision sites?

Whenever possible, Dr. Weber will follow the original incision patterns to reduce the chances of additional scarring, unless there is a reason he needs to approach it differently.

Is there a way I can see what my nose is likely to look life after revision rhinoplasty?

Yes. Dr. Weber uses a sophisticated imaging system, which can give you a preview of what to expect. It is important to note that his is not a guarantee of results but a communication tool that allows you and Dr. Weber to agree on the goal result for your procedure.

What are the risks of revision rhinoplasty treatment?

While rhinoplasty revision procedures are overall very safe, there is always some risk associated with surgery. Rhinoplasty revision risks may include:

  • Complications from anesthesia
  • Infections at the site or within the sinus areas
  • Nosebleed
  • Skin or tissue loss
  • Contour or skin irregularities
  • Difficulty healing and or unwanted scarring
  • Dissatisfaction with the results
  • Difficulty breathing or nasal drainage and others

Is Dr. Weber a veteran of revision rhinoplasty?

At Weber Facial Plastic Surgery, we understand that having to undergo a corrective procedure can be emotionally and financially challenging. If you are having issues with breathing or feel unsatisfied with your previous results, we can help.

Dr. Weber routinely performs revision rhinoplasty procedures to correct deformities and other imperfections caused by a previous rhinoplasty procedure. This requires thoughtful refinement of both the shape and contour of the nose to address any underlying structural issues.

Dr. Weber is fellowship trained and double board certified in Facial Plastic Surgery. He is routinely sought out to perform complex rhinoplasty revisions because he has the advanced training and experience required to handle even difficult rhinoplasty-revisions. He has been recognized as a “Top Rhinoplasty Doctor” by RealSelf.com.

If you or a loved one is in need of exceptional rhinoplasty revision care, and you live or work in the Denver, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Centennial, Fort Collins, Aurora, Colorado Springs, or Boulder, Colorado areas, and would like to know more about rhinoplasty revision, please call 720-738-4443 or use our convenient contact form. We are here to help you achieve your best possible results when you are ready to move forward and fix your nose.

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