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State-of-the-art fat transfer technology

Before the development of BeautiFill, fat transfer treatments involved a time-consuming extraction process, with higher risk and more trauma. Fat cells were always damaged during the removal process. This traumatic process created unpredictable fat resorption rates, varying patient to patient. It was very common to lose most of the fat in the first year. Some patients had very positive outcomes, while others were unhappy due to overfill, underfill, or being left with fat they in areas where they didn’t want it. The BeautiFill system is far less traumatic, simultaneously lasing and suctioning the fat in one step for significantly reduced treatment time.

Advanced fat transfer technology: BeautiFill.

The BeautiFill system produces exceptional results in natural fat grafting. The benefits include:

  • Faster treatment
  • A remarkable level of fat cell viability, over 90 percent
  • Safe procedure
  • Reduced side effects of liposuction such as bleeding, swelling, and risk of hematoma and bruising
  • Minimized post-procedure pain
Side of a woman's face

Benefits of BeautiFill

Your facial appearance can be dramatically enhanced with the BeautiFill system. Dr. Weber uses the Beautifill system for all neck liposuction procedures allowing the removal of additional fat and further neck contouring while at the same time reducing surgical procedure downtime. Dr. Weber also uses Beautifill fat harvest from the abdomen, flanks, and thighs to collect fat that is then used to fill the deflated face of aging. This combination of procedures can fully rejuvenate the face that suffers from both loss of volume and excess skin.

Fat transfer is becoming more and more popular. Procedures such as breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, and facial enhancement that once required synthetic implants or dermal fillers can now be enhanced with natural fat. As the fat cells are your own, a percentage of the transferred cells will flourish in the new location. The drawback of traditional fat transfer procedures was that the number of cells that survived the transfer was uncertain. With BeautiFill, this problem is solved.

How does BeautiFill work?

The laser technology in BeautiFill gently heats the tissue that surrounds fat cells in the donor site (abdomen, thighs, buttocks, love handles) allowing more fat to be gently removed from the tissue. This groundbreaking process allows fat removal with very low liposuction pressures, preserving the integrity of the fat cells, producing very little trauma and bleeding. The process also removes any oil, blood or fibrous tissue from the harvested fat which dramatically improves the survival of the transferred fat. The cells harvested with BeautiFill are small, uniform, and have a high rate of viability, which has not been achieved with other systems.

Gentle fat extraction and processing

With the BeautiFill system, your facial enhancement is simplified, safer, and involves far less trauma. It allows Dr. Weber to gently harvest the fat cells from the donor site, processing it during extraction, allowing for immediate reimplantation. The technology behind the success of BeautiFill is that fat harvesting is laser-assisted, with the heat emitted from the device distributed radially, rather than being concentrated at the tip of the liposuction device, preserving the viability of the extracted fat cells.

Video of Dr. Weber discussing Beautifill

Dr. Stephen Weber discusses how Beautifill has revolutionized facial filling

Speed of treatment

The fat harvest procedure with older methods often required up to two hours or more; with BeautiFill, fat harvesting is completed in under an hour. Facial skin tightening can be performed as a single procedure with this state-of-the-art device, to restore a more youthful look to face and neck, or for post-facelift touchups.

Why is BeautiFill safer?

Liposuction poses some risk of hematoma, swelling, bruising, and bleeding. With BeautiFill, these risks are greatly reduced, as the laser-assisted process seals the tiny blood vessels during fat extraction and processing. This factor makes the procedure far safer for the patient

BeautiFill FAQs

What is recovery like?

Recovery can vary depending on the areas treated during your procedure. The non-surgical nature of BeautiFill allows for quick recovery. Your body will not reject its own cells, so risk of complication or infection are very low, allowing you to get back to your daily routine quickly.

How long will my fat transfer last?

The results of BeautiFill procedures are very long lasting. Once the fat cells are removed from a certain area, it is much more difficult for them to come back. Your contoured figure will last for years to come, although it is recommended that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid fluctuations in weight.

Are there risks associated with BeautiFill?

All surgical procedures carry some degree of risk. With BeautiFill, the fat extraction and processing are performed in a single process. Not only is this procedure safer and less invasive for the patient, but the fat cell survival rate is far higher – at 90 percent, for predictable outcomes.

Is natural fat transfer with BeautiFill better than dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are eventually reabsorbed by the body, requiring retreatment. With natural fat transfer, the increased volume is natural, soft, and long-lasting.

Will fat transfer with BeautiFill be right for me?

If you are considering natural fat transfer, you want your results to be as you envisioned. With BeautiFill, the number of fat cells that survive is far higher than with any other method. Older methods required overfilling, and the outcome was uncertain, patient to patient.

What areas can be enhanced with BeautiFill?

Any face or body area that has lost volume can be restored with the BeautiFill system. For facial rejuvenation, natural fat can be injected at temples, for cheek enhancement, chin, beneath the eyes, to fill in laugh lines, or other facial areas. Aging hands can be restored to a youthful, healthy look, breasts can be subtly enhanced, and flat or smaller buttocks can be given a rounded lift. Dr. Weber performs facial rejuvenation treatments with BeautiFill.

Will I have scars after fat transfer with BeautiFill?

You should not have any visible scars from this procedure. The fat extraction sites are very small.

Where will my procedure be performed?

Your procedure is under the most stringent health and safety protocols at our private facial plastic surgery center in Lone Tree, CO.

Why is BeautiFill a better way to transfer natural fat?

Natural fat transfer, before the development of BeautiFill, had some drawbacks related to the survival rate of the transferred fat cells. Some patients were thrilled, while others were disappointed, as many of the transferred cells did not survive, and were shed by the body. With BeautiFill, the survival rate of the fat cells is at 90 percent, consistently. BeautiFill takes the guesswork out of natural fat transfer.

How can I maximize the results of my procedure?

A healthy, nutritious diet, avoiding alcoholic beverages and smoking make a difference. You must stay hydrated, get lots of sleep, and give your body time to heal.

How many fat cells survive the transfer?

With BeautiFill, fat transfer technology has finally come into its own. Earlier methods produced varying results, with some patients losing far too much of the transferred fat, or having an uneven result. With BeautiFill, these problems are solved, with 90 percent of the fat cells surviving the transfer.

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