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Deep Plane Neck Lift Table of Contents

What is a deep plane neck lift?

A deep plane neck lift is a cosmetic surgery that sculpts and tightens the neck structure. While submental liposuction can create an excellent result in the right patient, in many cases the source of a person’s unhappiness with their neck results from deeper structural problems not addressed by liposuction alone. During a deep neck lift, as the name implies, modifications are performed of the deep neck structure. These changes can include reduction of the subplatysmal fat pad, digastric muscles and the submandibular glands. In almost all of these cases, the platysma muscles are slightly reduced and sutured together creating a “sling” that suspends the neck tissue in a higher, tighter position. This achieves a more youthful, refined, and attractive jawline and neck.

Why Choose Dr. Weber for Facial Plastic Surgery?

Why a deep plane neck lift instead of neck liposuction?

A deep plane neck lift achieves a dramatic improvement that takes years off the appearance, addressing the muscles, deep fat pads and glandular tissues. This procedure is often best for the individual who has always had a poor neckline resulting from excess tissue beneath the jaw and chin.

Neck liposuction addresses only the superficial fat immediately beneath the skin. This procedure breaks up and suctions out the fat in the neck. This resolves stubborn pockets of fat in the neck and on the jawline. Neck liposuction is an effective, long-lasting treatment, but it does not tighten the neck muscles or address glandular excesses. Neck liposuction is often best for the individual who once had a nice neckline and still has good elasticity of the skin but is now bothered by excess superficial fatty deposits beneath the chin.

A deep plane neck lift sculpts the contours of the neck and tightens the muscles and connective tissues. During a deep plane neck lift, the neck is lifted to achieve a tight, firm aesthetic. A deep plane neck lift is often combined with conservative neck liposuction to achieve an even more significant effect.

Woman with a finger to her upturned chin highlighting a neck lift in Denver

What are the benefits of a deep plane neck lift?

This cosmetic procedure achieves many benefits for patients who struggle with neck fullness or lack of definition around the jaw. Benefits include the following:

  • Minimal scarring
  • Long-lasting results
  • Resolves a double chin
  • Achieves a more elegant, graceful neckline
  • Sculpts and refines the jawline
  • Defines the separation from the jawline to the neck
  • Achieves a better fit in collared or open-necked shirts
  • Can provide better confidence and self-esteem

What happens during the deep plane neck lift procedure?

A deep plane neck lift generally takes about 90 minutes. Because of Dr. Weber’s extensive experience with this procedure, general anesthesia is NOT required. In most cases, he performs facelift and deep neck lift procedures in the office with local anesthesia and sedative pills. Once the anesthesia takes effect, a small, thin incision is made beneath the chin. This incision is hidden in the natural crease making the scar difficult to see once it is healed.

Using this incision, Dr. Weber will tighten and lift the connective tissues and muscles in the neck and remove excess fat, muscle and glandular tissues from beneath the chin, sculpting an elegant, refined contour.

Woman with her hand against her neck, her chin pointing up

What is recovery like after a deep plane neck lift?

Plan for one to two weeks of downtime after a deep plane neck lift. During this time, you will need to heal and rest as your body recovers. You will experience a sensation of tightness and some numbness that will remain for about one month. Bruising and swelling will worsen during the first few days, then slowly resolve. To help reduce swelling, wear your compression garment and sleep with your head elevated. Do not twist or turn your neck, and do not exert yourself or lift anything over five pounds. It is also important to keep your head in a neutral position and avoid looking downward at your phone or other devices.

After one week, most patients feel comfortable returning to light, sedentary work. You can also slowly resume exercise at this point.

Results after a deep plane neck lift

It will take about two months to see your final results, and residual swelling may continue for longer. Your incision will be well hidden in the lines under your chin. It will fade to become a thin white line.

Your results will typically last for 10-15 years. Your neck will continue to age after your recovery, but you will have set the clock back years, giving you much longer to enjoy your firm, youthful-looking contours.

What is the risk of complications?

A deep plane neck lift includes the risk of complications, as any surgery does. These include infection, scarring, bleeding, and others. Keep in mind that the risk of complications is directly related to the skill level and experience of your surgeon.

Why choose Dr. Weber for a deep plane neck lift?

Dr. Weber is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who is renowned for his beautiful outcomes and stunning results with patients. Dr. Weber’s sole focus is cosmetic facial and neck surgery, making him the surgeon of choice for patients who want only the best. With Dr. Weber, you are in the hands of an experienced, compassionate surgeon you can trust. Please call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weber to find out more about what a deep plane neck lift can achieve for you.

Woman with her hand against her neck, her chin pointing up

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