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Preservation Rhinoplasty Table of Contents

What is preservation rhinoplasty?

Traditional rhinoplasty techniques remove small amount of cartilage and bone from the region of the nasal hump. This necessitates other maneuvers to support the nasal valve areas to maintain nasal breathing.

Preservation rhinoplasty involves remodeling and reshaping the existing anatomy, using different types of tissue resections, by pairing advanced suturing techniques and more precise surgical approaches.

This surgical technique can:

  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Smooth nasal bridge bumps
  • Reshape the nasal bridge
  • Create a smaller, thinner nose

Am I a good candidate for preservation rhinoplasty?

In general, men and women who want to improve the appearance of their noses or improve nasal function are good candidates for preservation rhinoplasty in Denver. The best candidates:

  • Have a straight caudal septum between the nostrils
  • Have never undergone a rhinoplasty before
  • Want to correct a small to medium-sized nasal bump
  • Want to reduce the projection of the nasal structure
  • Are overall healthy, non-smoking adults
  • Have no severe medical conditions
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What can I expect from preservation rhinoplasty?

Dr. Weber will perform your preservation rhinoplasty under general anesthesia by making discreet openings between the nostrils or inside the nose. Through these incisions, he will manipulate the underlying tissues to enhance the shape and preserve your natural structures and beauty. While reshaping the structures that determine the shape and size of your nose, Dr. Weber takes special care to avoid damaging the soft tissues that cover this framework to ensure your best results and recovery.

Why choose Dr. Weber for preservation rhinoplasty in Denver?

Dr. Stephen Weber is a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon in Denver, CO, who excels in rhinoplasty procedures, including preservation rhinoplasty. Thanks to his artistic sensibility and skill, Dr. Weber is known by patients and peers as delivering among the best rhinoplasty Denver can claim.

Because he tailors his strategy to meet each patient's unique needs and uses a contemporary and structured surgical approach, he produces consistent aesthetic and functional results that his patients love. Dr. Weber’s passion for rhinoplasty and his dedication to research and learning led him to become one of the country's top rhinoplasty surgeons. Considered a “Top Rhinoplasty Doctor” by RealSelf.com, Dr. Weber typically performs three to five rhinoplasty procedures weekly on patients of all ages and genders.

Dr. Weber has gone above and beyond for more than fifteen years to deliver personalized, natural-looking outcomes. His elite training allows him to curate a customized plan for your preservation rhinoplasty surgery, including photo simulations of your planned result, allowing you to visualize and refine your goal rhinoplasty result.

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