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Excess skin and fat in the upper and lower eyelids can make your eyelids appear baggy and your eyes appear smaller. This conveys the appearance of fatigue and advanced age. Blepharoplasty, referred to as an “eyelid lift” or “eyelid tuck”, rejuvenates the eyes by reducing wrinkles, puffiness and drooping of the eyelid tissue. Blepharoplasty can open your eyes, improve your appearance and, in some cases, enhance your vision. Recent research has revealed that facelift surgery can remove about 10 years from a person’s perceived age and provide 10 years of pleasing results. Of course, even beyond 10 years from surgery, a “lifted” face will still appear more youthful than the face of someone who has not pursued surgery.

A facelift involves repositioning the skin of the lower face and neck into a more youthful position. Incisions are hidden in the “sideburn” area, within the ear canal and along the back of the ear. There are several methods to lift, reposition and tighten the tissues of the lower face and neck depending upon the type and severity of facial aging. The key is to place the tension of the lift on these robust tissues and remove any pull on the facial skin. Delicate sutures are used to meticulously close the incisions to minimize the creation of scar tissue. A dressing is placed at the time of surgery to minimize swelling and support your face and neck in the early healing period. Dr. Weber rarely places drains following facelift surgery allowing you to return to work and social activities at an earlier time and to recover without the hassle of managing drain tubes.

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